The DATA:BASS NETWORK formed in Auckland (NZ) in 2002 as a non-profit collective of DJs, producers, performers and visual artists that provided an independent alternative for Drum'n Bass and Electronic music - organising and participating in regular events, releasing on our own 0474:8455 Recordings label, regular radio shows and a free irregular 'zine, "K.urb".

In 2006 after a series of over 10 full length CD-r compilations and literally 1000's of giveaways, 0474:8455 recordings produced the first official compilation "Oceanic Chill".


DATA:BASS began as a weekly night in September 2002 in Auckland, New Zealand, at Shots Bar with DJ's Terraform, Romantech and regular guests Teddy Edit and Bobbylon playing casual, eclectic sets of predominantly Drum'n Bass with a bit of 2-Step, Hip-Hop, Dub and Breaks thrown about.

Taking it to the Ballroom in December 2002 we continued our weekly night unearthing a host of new talent to make up the core of the data:bass network massive: DJ's, Producers, Promoters, VJ's, Designers, Writers, Graffers, Photographers, up for it headz and the true intalex. DATA:BASS is the undergound scene for original ravers, true headz, DJs eager to show their skills and all the local producers creating their own sound.


From our flyer, Early 2003:

"As a clubbing experience DATA:BASS represents an ideal - a belief in the underground as a concept, not an over used dance cliche.
Musically, that means for us Shake Ur Body's and the like will come and go but nothing shakes the integrity or intensity of a pitched up break and a rolling bass drop. Politically, it's a negotiation of commercialism. The underground for us represents a belief that where commercial forces are attempting to profit from people's sincere appreciation of good tunes, good mixing and a good vibe it compromises the spirit of the event.

DATA:BASS is proud to be unfashionable - if we were a clothing label we'd be Club Casual - because no one comes to a DATA:BASS gig unless they have a true love of Drum'n Bass as it is meant to be heard - in the mix as we bring you the best in cutting edge dancing music.

Our guys play unpaid to uphold the true concept of the underground, and opportunities will always be found for those with skills who want to come around us and make things happen."

0474:8455 RECORDINGS

Although Data:Bass came together as a collective of DJs commited to wicked music and great gigs, new local production talent became our main directive. As well as promoting the network and the gigs, we have the opportunity to test our tunes in a proper live setting and expose them to a critical audience. Also working together means a pooling of skills, strengths, and of course software + samples, etc.

But 0474:8455 recordings is really about producers who are ready to start making an impact with their tunes having an opportunity to get exposure. Amongst the talent we're building, our compilations of different new names is always going to generate more interest than a samey unsolicited demo - especially when a pooling of resources and talents can allow us to present a higher quality product. But this is the beauty of the electronic genres - A choon's a choon - you can't deny a Spaced Invader or a Kerbkrawler when it drops. And if our choons are good enough to be played out alongside such masterpieces why couldn't they be the next Morning Light - mastered or not?


Until 2004 0474:8455 Recordings concentrated on distributing full length CD-r compilations of the best work from our affiliated artists, the focus being on establishing a viability within the Drum'n Bass market while our collective production skills are still developing and the stand out tunes are making themselves known. These CDs were not professionally mastered or pressed but were an excellent way of exposing the best new work from a wealth of up and coming artists while raising the funds for a proper CD release.

In late 2005, 0474:8455 Recordings reconsolidated as a new intenational co-operative of electronic artists, planning now for the much anticipated.series of "proper" CD compilations.

Send Demos to:

0474:8455 Recordings, PO Box 78-104 Grey Lynn, Auckland

MICDR-06 - January, 2006
4.5 Hz presents Avant

Breaks, Electro, Rave// 14 tracks / 1 artist / 70 minutes
MICDR-05 - January, 2006
Mental Illness 3

Downbeat, Electro, Drum'n Bass, General Electronica// 24 tracks / 25 artists / 78 minutes
Mercy Dirt Scheme / Further / Mu Naut / Les Astrals / 4.5hz / Emerald Green / SEO / The White Line / Emu / Canartic / Tom Bosley Experience / General Practitioner / Catguts / Manik / Skinshed / Broken Drum Collective / Romantech vs 4.5hz / Detail vs. Organikismness / DJ Carnage / Eraserhead / Haluciagea / 13th Halo / Reality Compound


MICDR-04 - December, 2004
Mental Illness presents Mechanica

Experimental Electronica // 31 tracks / 17 artists / 78 minutes
Style Over Substance / Dr_Lovelazy / Catguts & The Big Bang Theory / H3 / Audioslut / Audiolung / Further / 4.5hz / Section8 / Black Pantha / Dirty Harry vs Alion / Azuki / Shunryu / !z9z / Facade / Emu / Mentally Ill Allstars


DBCDR05 - November, 2004
Romantech presents Lickwicked.
Funky Drum'n Bass // 18 tracks / 9 artists / 79 minutes
State of Mind / Romantech / 4.5hz / Tumor / Further / Blazem / Roy Darke / Shunryu / Catguts & The Big Bang Theory


MICDR-04 - September, 2004
Further ft. Haze: Distance
Downbeat // 18 tracks by 3 artists over 79 minutes
Further ft. Haze / Shunryu / Catguts & The Big Bang Theory



MICDR-03 - August, 2004
Mental Illness 02: Back in the Community
Downbeat, Electronica, Breaks, Electro // 26 tracks / 21 artists 79 minutes
Million / Jamie Newman / Demus / Dialator / Audioslut / Downlow / Tumor / Atomik / Further ft. Haze / Azuki / Dr_Lovelazy / RFG / General Practitioner / Mank Productions ft. Jen-I / 4.5hz / EMU / Section8 / Black Pantha / Bad Habits / Style Over Substance / Shunryu / Catguts & The Big Bang Theory / Fats White


DBCDR-04 - July, 2004
Black Pantha Album

Tech Drum'n Bass // 10 tracks / 1 artist over 61 minutes
MICDR-02 - December, 2003
Mental Illness @ The Version Electro-Sonic Festival 1.03

Experimental Electronica // 24 tracks by 11 artists over 78 minutes
Shunryu / Style Over Substance / Dr_Lovelazy / Jamie Newman / Oosterdaddy / Catguts & The Big Bang Theory / Further /Tumor / DJ Fiction / Fidget / Sound Laydee

DBCDR-03 - December, 2003
0474:8455 Recordings Sampler 03: Search & Destroy
Full Spectrum Drum'n Bass // 12 tracks / 10 artists / 79 minutes
State of Mind / Kyren vs. Fiction / Romantech / 4Tune / 4.5hz / Blazem / Culprit / Black Pantha / DVS

MICDR-01 - October, 2003
Mental Illness 01

Downbeat, Electronica, Breaks, Electro // 21 tracks by 15 artists over 79 minutes
DJ Fiction / Million / Jamie Newman / Dfusion / Oosterdaddy / Kyren / Tumor / Further ft. Haze / Shunryu / Soundlaydee / Dr_Lovelazy / General Practitioner / Style Over Substance / Shunryu / Catguts & The Big Bang Theory /

DBCDR-02 - August, 2003
0474:8455 Recordings Sampler 02

Full Spectrum Drum'n Bass // 12 tracks by 9 artists over 79 minutes
State of Mind / Kyren / Fiction / Romantech / 4Tune / Culprit / Black Pantha / Shunryu / Longsdale

DBCDR-01 (Deleted) - May, 2003
Data:bass NZMM Sampler 01





MENTAL ILLNESS is a unique night of experimental turntable genre clash where diversity is the new purism. Wether it's the ill mentality of chilled Lounge and Blunted beats or the contemporary insanity of trashy Electro and warped Nu Skool, the salubrious environment of the Paradise bar up top in St. Kevins arcade on K rd is the perfect recovery position from the same old same old. MORE


Old flyers, pics, articles etc.

Data:Bass Roll Call



DJ Blazems Winter Mix
Send in the Clowns . . .

Culprit vs Kyren April 03
An irresistable force vs An Immovable Object (Classic Data:bass Battle)

DJ Romantech "Who Loves Ya" (Sept'04)

Liquid Swords




Fiction presents "Bunglism" // Strictly Promo

Romantech presents "Lickwicked" // Promo

Romantech "Metro Sound" // Full
Atmospheric Jungle

State of Mind "Battle Cat" // Full
Blazing D'n B Bootleg anthem

Kyren "Empty Streets" // Full
Deep, brooding trance'n bass

Kyren vs Fiction "Search & Destroy" // Full
Epic keatonesque shakedown

Black Pantha "Hoodz" // Full
Stonking B-boy attitude

Audioslut "Thanatos" (original mix) // Edit

Blazem "At The Market" // Full - EXCLUSIVE!
True Playaz stal

Kyren "BreakOut"
More dark and twisted madness


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